This profound thought occurred to me as I was in church today. We were singing the usual assortment of praise songs when the guest worship leader began barking orders. It was pretty strange. We were singing along when he belted out between lines “Sing this one to the Father!” Which I thought was odd. Who else did he think we were singing to? One other time he shouted “Worship God in your hearts!” Right-o!

He also had this odd habit of shouting out the lines in advance that we were supposed to be singing. Which might be helpful if we were sitting around a campfire in the woods but we have a giant projection screen hanging over the stage like The Mothership with the lines already on it. It was very distracting. As I’ve said, I know most of the lines so I close my eyes and try to focus on worship but it was difficult today.

I’m not sure what was going on with him. What would motivate somebody to micromanage worship to such a degree that it actually becomes a frustrating experience? Why would he make the assumption that God’s people would need someone to do that?

I’m reminded of the church I grew up in. The choir (choir? don’t you mean praise team?) had a loft in the back of the church, well out of sight. Not on the stage in front of everyone. There was a choir director, a nice older man. You hardly ever saw him. You hardly ever saw any of them. They just sang. And other times the congregation would sing. No one got in the way of worship. I took it for granted then but I miss it now.