Yes, yes. I know. It’s Wednesday so why am I posting?

Maybe you’ve read about Jerry Falwell ranting against the Christian Alliance for Progress. If not, it’s pretty standard stuff. But the truly enjoyable part for me was reading the comments from his followers. My favorites are:

You are preaching aposticy [sic] Cedar Falls, IA You are preaching aposticy [sic]. You cannot claim Christianity. You are lying to people and even if you gain in this world, you lose eternity which is for everyone who accepts Jesus as the one and only way to redemption. I will pray you find your way for you are truely [sic] lost. What really matters in this world is Jesus and not politics.

Especially when your politics don’t agree with the religious right.

Homos [both sic and a sick word] are disgusting Jacksonville, FL You cannot be labled [sic] “Christian” if promote gay rights. Romans 1:26-30 states that homos are the only buncg [sic] that God ever gave up on. Homos are disgusting, God even called them an “Abomination.”

Why is it that these people always know how to spell abomination even if they misspell everything else and cannot form a coherent sentence?

I’ll stop now. The rest are just as fun. Trust me.