I’ve been late getting my post out this week. The reason? I’m up to my armpits in 3rd graders. This week is Vacation Bible School at our church. I’m in charge of six 8 year-old boys and have been staying very busy most every evening. The week before VBS I’m filled with dread. I complain that I like my children and dislike everyone else’s. And then I get into the middle of it and find that I’m having a great time and genuinely like the children. Once my brain recovers I’ll have some quasi-intelligent things to say.

And a quick follow-up to my previous post on Promise Keepers. The event has come and gone and I did not attend. While I’m sure it would have provided near-endless material for me to blog grumpily about, I decided in the end that it would be best to sit it out.

They’re already asking men to commit to going next year. *sigh*