Grandia Start

I first bought Grandia back in 2000. I had heard the wonders of this game from others and I had read the glowing reviews and I knew I needed to get this game. I bought a used copy as it was the only copy I could find even though it did not come with an instruction manual. I took it home, shoved it into my PlayStation and was greeted by the long and boring intro movie. It was all 70’s sounding music and trippy floating buildings and then it was over and I started a new game and was greeted by the wordy intro sequence. That dampened my enthusiasm a bit but finally we got to the game itself and the introduction of the two main characters: Justin and Sue. Except they were little children. And Sue’s voice made me want to shove an icepick into my ears.

I played Grandia in 2000 for about four or five hours. I suffered through the scavenger hunt at the beginning of the game. I put up with grating voice acting and Puffy going “rah-rah” and an overabundance of cutesy. I got through the Sult Ruins and that was fun but then I found myself on a ship and I wandered around aimlessly and finally I didn’t care anymore about Grandia. I sold it on Ebay for more than I paid for it and washed my hands of Justin and Sue.

And yet in the years since I have heard people refer to Grandia many times as a landmark RPG. They raved about its battle system and the plot and how things seemed to really take off once you got over the initial hump. Did I miss something? Did I quit too soon? Did I not give it a fair chance? Well here I am six years later and I’m loving Grandia. I’ll talk about why later on but for now I’m 12 hours into the game and I can’t see me quitting this time until the ending credits roll.