So I decided on a project this weekend. I want to play through all the major PlayStation One RPG’s. I’ve played most of the Squaresoft stuff but I wouldn’t mind replaying them. Just about everything else is a giant question mark for me. I did some searching and cobbled together a list that seems like the major heavy hitters. I decided to organize them according to their release date but since some of them were remakes of Japanese games I went with the Japanese release dates. I intend to play them in order of when they were released to see how the genre evolved on the PlayStation. So here goes:

  1. Lunar: The Silver Star 12/93
  2. Lunar: Eternal Blue 12/94
  3. Arc the Lad 6/95
  4. Tactics Ogre 10/95
  5. Suikoden 12/95
  6. Persona 9/96
  7. Vandal Hearts 10/96
  8. Arc the Lad II 11/96
  9. Wild Arms 12/96
  10. Final Fantasy VII 1/97
  11. Alundra 4/97
  12. SaGa Frontier 6/97
  13. Final Fantasy Tactics 6/97
  14. Grandia 12/97
  15. Tales of Destiny 12/97
  16. Xenogears 2/98
  17. Parasite Eve 3/98
  18. Star Ocean: The Second Story 6/98
  19. Brave Fencer Mushashi 7/98
  20. Suikoden II 12/98
  21. Final Fantasy VIII 2/99
  22. SaGa Frontier 2 4/99
  23. Threads of Fate 10/99
  24. Arc the Lad III 10/99
  25. Chrono Cross 11/99
  26. Vandal Hearts 2 11/99
  27. Legend of Dragoon 12/99
  28. Valkyrie Profile 12/99
  29. Vagrant Story 2/00
  30. Breath of Fire IV 4/00
  31. Final Fantasy IX 7/00
  32. Dragon Warrior VII 8/00
  33. Tales of Destiny II 11/00
  34. Persona 2 12/00
  35. Saiyuki: Journey West 8/01

Some of these I already have, some I could buy or borrow and some I doubt I’d be able to find anywhere without resorting to the shadier side of the internet or selling a kidney. I also realize this is a hopeless endeavor but I like the challenge. I should also note that I’m actually playing through Grandia right now which is what got me started thinking about this whole crazy scheme.

Ideally I’d like to trim the list down to 30 instead of the 35 I currently have. But looking over the list I can see very few games I wouldn’t want to play. We’ll see where it goes. We’ll also see if I’m absolutely out of my mind.