I am 13 hours and 22 minutes in. We have finally found the Nectar of the Gods and are now accepted by Rem’s village. No not that Rem for you Trigun fans. This is Rem the horny boy… I mean the horned boy whom I rescued from the military base. We had to retrieve the Nectar at the top of a mountain. When we found it, this monolith in the screenshot was humming with electrical energy and I kept waiting for a boss to pop up but no one did. So back to town for me and now we’re having dinner with Rem’s parents.So what do I like about this game? There’s a couple of things and I’ll post eventually on the battle system but that really deserves it’s own space. But the thing that stands out right now is just how freaking happy this game is. No matter what happens everyone’s cheerful and smiling and laughing and kicking ass at the same time. It’s a weird, refreshing change from some other, heavy RPG’s with sour characters (I’m looking at you Squall). I understand that this is not for everyone and it certainly presents itself as “kiddie” but I don’t mind much. Oddly when I played Grandia six years ago I was really bothered by the kiddie factor. Go figure.