Fifteen hours and nine minutes.

Well we left Luc Village and our friend Rem the horny. But not before Justin was momentarily propositioned by Feena and Sue to take a bath with them. The poor guy had his brief moment and let it slip by. Oh those wacky Japanese and their teasing!So then we began our climb to the top of the wall at the end of the world. It was about nine different levels of brown textures, moving blocks, giant birds and the occasional treasure trinket. Needless to say it got rather tiring but fortunately there were several save points along the way. In retrospect, it seems like the climb to the top of the wall at the end of the world should really take a lot longer than nine levels and a half hour of climbing but I don’t suppose realism is the goal here. At any rate we eventually reached our goal.

Yes we could look over the edge of the wall and see… more land. So it wasn’t the end of the world after all but the cleverly disguised next major area of the game. At the top we basked in the morning sun for a brief moment and then Sue was apprehended by a machine which promptly dropped her off the wall (!) and out of our party. Great. Then the same thing happened to Justin and Feena. Fortunately the trip down wasn’t quite as time-consuming as the journey up. At the bottom we ended up in The Land of Giant Freaking Plants. Tune in next issue for the continuing saga of Justin. Will he try to put the moves on Feena now that pesky Sue is out of the picture?