So Justin and Feena finally escaped The Land of Giant Freaking Plants and arrived at a home that resembled a shoe more than anything. We were on the trail of Sue and thought for a bit she had been made into Sue Stew in a giant Sue Stew pot. Well a giant man emerges and a battle begins. Except it really isn’t a battle at all – just a demonstration of how weak Justin is compared to this new guy. He soundly kicks Justin’s butt and then becomes friendly and ends up producing the unstewed Sue and then decides to join our party. Yes! Now we have four people in our party. Only one thing’s odd about this Gadwin. He’s level 30!


Now I was already thinking that this game was kinda easy. Battles were flying by quickly and I was emerging relatively unharmed unless I made some stupid mistake. But level 30? Over twice our current levels? I’m not sure what to think about this guy unless he’s only in our party temporarily and maybe comes back when the rest of us are at a comparable level. Anyway he’s a total beast in battle and makes the already easy combat a cakewalk for now.

He leads our faithful party on to Dight Village and when we enter the town he disappears for awhile. With nowhere else good to go we decide to enter the nearest building which conveniently happens to be an inn. Yeah we can save our game! And also meet an extremely strange character.


Yes-a it’s-a Mogay the-a strange-a talking-a rabbit-a. I don’t know if this guy is supposed to be an oddly stereotypical Italian or what but he greets us and seems friendly but then has nothing else to say. So we spend the night at the inn but when we wake up we find that Gadwin has momentarily returned to break the bad news to us. Yes the worst has happened. It’s raining.


Why is rain a source of fear for Gadwin? Does he rust? Will he melt? Is a flood immanent?