So there’s some kind of giant tower that needs to be climbed where evil must be vanquished and Gadwin is the man to do it. It has something to do with the rain but honestly I forgot what it was.  The thing is he needs some help even though he’s level 30 and stands 8 feet tall. So who’s going to help him?


Yeah you knew that didn’t you? Except for some reason not only Justin but also Sue and Feena are going along for the trip. Okay… Well we climb through some more boring plant-type areas and I’m noticing the areas on this side of the wall look like crap compared to the areas where we came from. Part of it is the predominantly blue, green and purple color scheme but it’s all relatively groan-inducing for me.

We keep climbing and eventually Gadwin’s fear of rain re-emerges.


What’s the deal with this guy and rain? I purposely took my time and wandered around smelling the sickeningly-colored flowers but there was no red rain. Unless you count the Peter Gabriel song playing in my head.

We eventually find our way inside and are greeted by more of the nauseating greens and purples. It’s really starting to hurt my head.


See what I mean?  It’s this over and over again.  Not only that but the combat remains fairly easy at this part in the game.  Gadwin the Rain-Fearing has over 250 hit points so not much threatens him.  It’s just bird creature after bird creature and even the normally exciting combat gets a bit dull.  So I decide to play around a bit with the Tactics choice in the combat menu.  Tactics lets you set an autopilot for the characters to follow and I notice one of the options is “Power Up” which lets you focus on your abilities and build them up.  Sounds interesting to me as I haven’t probably spent enough time working on them so far.  So I choose it and away we go.  Things get fun for a bit and people are using strange skills I didn’t really realize I had.  We wind up taking damage a bit more but I have to admit our skills are building up more rapidly than when left to manual tactics.

Except after awhile things settle into a strange pattern.  First Gadwin starts casting Diggin’ over and over.  I presume he’s diggin’ to hide from the rain.  Whatever the reason I start to get tired of seeing this…


But that’s not all folks.  Eventually Justin starts casting Diggin’ also.  Over and over and over…


I must be doing something wrong but I can’t figure out what it is so I think I’m going back to manual control for awhile.  And I’m on the second floor of the tower and can’t figure out where to go so I’m done for the night.  I’ll think more about it another time.