It’s time to disclose a bit of my methodology. For the most part I’m using a PlayStation emulator called ePSXe. It allows your computer to play PlayStation discs or disc images and allows for some improvements over the original hardware.

The most obvious thing is the ability to capture screenshots. I would have no idea how to do this on the original PlayStation hardware but with ePSXe I can just hit PRT SCR (or Print Screen) and it saves a copy of the screen image to my clipboard. But I actually use a small freeware program called Howie’s Quick Screen Capture Tool to handle the screen shots. It saves them into a directory of your choosing and then I compress them into .jpg’s using Picasa.

The other nice thing about ePSXe is the ability to use various plugins to tweak the graphics. The ones I like are Pete’s PSX GPU plugins. He has a plugin that allows software emulation (P.E.Op.S. Soft GPU) which gives you very accurate PlayStation graphics… huge pixels and all. The plugin I use is Pete’s OpenGL2 PSX GPU. This allows for hardware acceleration which makes a huge difference in a game like Grandia. Typical 2D games like Suikoden or Lunar wouldn’t benefit much from this plugin but for 3D games the ability to smooth and sharpen the textures as well as other enhancements makes this hard to beat.

If you are interested in pursuing this further here are the settings I’m using (click to enlarge):

epsxe.jpgLast but not least I’m playing using my Microsoft Xbox 360 controller. I’ve configured it to run in ePSXe as a PlayStation Dual Shock with the exception of not being able to get vibration to work at all. But I really don’t miss it too much.

And there you go!