So eventually I figured out what I was doing wrong.  Apparently there was a floor switch I needed to step on and from that point it was a pretty quick journey to the top of the tower.  What do you find at the top of a tower?   Why a boss monster of course!


We dispatched him quickly.  I mean quickly.  I think he might have hit someone once or twice which surprised the heck out of me.  I’m realizing that combat is very easy in this game.  Maybe it gets more difficult as the game progresses but right now it’s pretty much a cakewalk.

So with the evil hydra dude vanquished we were able to ascend to the very top and Justin was able to secure the Indistinguishable Weapon of Unremarkableness.  Seriously I have no idea what the importance of the weapon was to the overall story.  But anyway he pulled it out and of course it was the linchpin that was holding the entire tower together.


Well we escaped relatively unscathed and returned to Dight Village with the Indistinguishable Weapon of Unremarkableness.  We needed to insert it into a stone to stop the Evil Rain of Doom maybe?  I’m not quite sure why Justin needed to insert it into the stone but he did anyway.  Gadwin was thankful the precipitation finally ceased its reign of terror.


That done we were able to leave the village and we had to travel south to the apparently Cajun area and its capital Gumbo Village.  I’m pretty sure that in Gumbo Village there is a boat and someone who can take us on a sea voyage.  Again I’m not sure why we need to go on a sea voyage but we eventually reached the town.


Now Gumbo village is an interesting place.  There are frogs everywhere and you constantly hear them croaking.  It’s pretty strange.  Even stranger are the statues we found.


Yes apparently they worship frogs in Gumbo Village.  Maybe they make for good eatin’.  Who knows.  We wandered the village and eventually found our way to the village chief who graced us with his ukulele-playing skills.


And with that riveting development I decided to save the game for now, leaving several questions unanswered:  Why do the townspeople like frogs so much?  Why did the chief make us listen to his awful song?  Why are we needing to get a boat?  Most importantly, why am I not remembering much of the story here?  So far it seems like a pretty flimsy narrative designed to carry me from one set-piece to the next.  I hope the plot picks up a bit.