So the village chief… well he turns out to be a deceptive little weirdo and before Justin knows it he’s become a sacrifice to the dragon who lives at the top of the volcano. The chief arranges to catapult Justin and Feena to the volcano and, after a fun sequence with them flying through the air, they land unscathed and proceed to climb the volcano.


Well we climb our way gradually to the top fighting bad guys as we go. Again I’m noticing how overpowered our party is and I haven’t really spent much time levelling up to make the game easier.

At the top of the volcano we find the dragon to whom we were to be sacrificed. Justin, master of the obvious, makes a stunning realization…


And the fight with the evil dragon commences. And then it’s over. Quickly. I think someone got scraped and maybe someone else’s hair got ruffled. That’s pretty much it.  Well of course once you defeat the boss a scene of destruction can’t be far. And right on schedule the volcano erupts.


Our party runs from the lava back to the village. Now the village is near the volcano but they aren’t affected by the erupting volcano sending lava and ash flying into the air. Actually they’re happy to have the dragon gone and welcome Justin and company back home.  They also agree to provide a boat to transport them across the water to their next destination.

But before they depart Justin and Feena enjoy a nice moment together on the beach. It seems pretty clear the game is setting her up to be his love interest. Which is odd because I seemed to remember him being about 14 years-old while she is supposed to be this famous adventurer.


After their nice moment on the beach they both notice these glowing lights. Now we’ve seen them before not too long ago. They must be significant but right now I have no idea what they mean. But they are kinda pretty in a pixellated sort of way.


And then we’re off across the water to our next set piece.