Finally I got to see more of The Bad Guys. Bad Guys are important in an RPG as they add a continuing sense of conflict that energizes the story. One of the things I haven’t liked about Grandia so far has been the story and one of the reasons I haven’t liked the story is the Bad Guys have been mostly absent. Think back to Final Fantasy VII and Shinra. While they weren’t the final boss of the game they were a menacing presence from the very beginning. The Garlyle Forces in Grandia have been pretty weak antagonists so far. They show up, threaten and disappear for long stretches of the game only to reappear later. But we do know a bit more about them after these new developments.

We finally made it to the outside of the Twin Towers and found signs that Garlyle was nearby. Immediately the game became much more interesting to me as I’m curious why they are here and how they are going to interfere with Justin & co.


Plus their tanks look pretty cool which is a bonus. We made our way into the towers and ran into our old friends Mullen and Leen. Always nice to see them. Why are they in the towers? Why are they interested in the Icarians and the Angelou? No clue.


Eventually the group gets separated and Mullen ends up with Feena. She’s quiet at first and gives the Default RPG Female Reply when he asks her something…


But it’s all a show and no one’s surprised when the little minx starts to make a connection with Mr. Long Golden Hair. He and she walk and talk and discuss ancient civilizations while he’s checking out her nifty hair.

Justin, meanwhile, has found Leen in grave danger of being attacked by frogs.


Frogs? What could be so terrifying about frogs? Heck the citizens of Gumbo Village love frogs! Well apparently these frogs multiply because shortly they are surrounded by spiky killer frogs and barely escape.


They spend some time together and manage to bond and it turns out that Leen is not only Feena’s sister but quite a nice gal to boot. Justin gives her his Spirit Stone but she later returns it. She seems like a conflicted member of the Bad Guys.

Justin ends up being contacted by his spirit guide Liete again who gives him his next destination.


Leen returns to her life of crime and tonight’s episode comes to a conclusion. So what did we learn about the Bad Guys? Well apparently they aren’t so bad after all. This makes me wonder if maybe there’s another force for evil in the game that we haven’t heard from. Maybe the General in charge of Garlyle? An evil Icarian? Who knows? I’m not even to the end of the first disc yet… <sigh>