Well a lot has happened and the game seems to be moving forward at a much faster pace now. I’ll run through the changes fairly quickly. First thing is Sue appears to have left for good.


She apparently got sick and then decided to call it quits. I have to admit I’m not that sad. She was one of the more annoying characters and I never quite warmed to Puffy.  Plus the Puffy Kick special attack and her cheerleading special move were just plain embarrassing.  See ya later.

Now what was a bit surprising was Gadwin leaving.  I’m still not real clear on why he left the party other than he was the much higher level temporary character.  I expect he will show up again at some point in the future.


He did challenge Justin to a duel which was interesting. Suddenly Gadwin’s hitpoints jumped from the high 200’s to over 1,500! Where was this when I needed him earlier? Anyway it didn’t matter much anyway because Justin whipped him handily losing a grand total of 21 hitpoints in the process. Yeah I think this game is skewed just a bit to the easy side. So Gadwin is gone but he did let Justin and Feena use his nifty boat.


So Justin and Feena took off in Gadwin’s boat for the new continent that Liete told them about. Along the way Feena and Justin had a heart-warming moment where they sorta declared their love for each other and then five minutes later Justin was putting the moves on a mermaid who needed his help.

Eventually they sailed across the sea and reached the new continent.


Now those are some major changes to the game but the biggest one happened right after we sighted the new world…


Cool! It’s a good thing to be done with Disc 1. In theory I’m halfway through the game at this point and so far I’ve played right around 25 hours. It’ll be interesting to see what changes in the second half of the game.