So I was getting used to Justin and Feena by themselves. Justin was the heavy hitter and Feena provided the spell support. They made a pretty good duo but then we ran into Rapp. Yeah Rapp. You know… the nose picker?


Great. With friends like these…

Then we were heading to the Tower of Doom and ran into killer alligators. What was that? Yeah I said the Tower of Doom. There’s a lot of towers in this game but it’s hard to beat the Tower of Doom for a great name. Anyway back to the killer alligators… they killed Rapp. Yep I actually had a character die for the first time. I don’t know what the story is with these gators but they were hiding in some bushes and jumped us. They also appear to be immune to most physical attacks and pretty easily knocked 60 or so hit points off with one attack. We did kill them eventually but I had to use a resurrect potion on Rapp and nuke them with lots of spells. Maybe the game will become more difficult now? Not sure but it sounds good to me.

Then we met Milda the Hussy whom Rapp apparently doesn’t like much.


We had to easily defeat her in battle before she would join our party. Now we have a snaggle-toothed nose-picker and the old hussy woman of Laine in our group. Of course Milda is level 35 so I suppose she takes the place of Gadwin. So here’s our party as of right now:


Our next destination is an assault on… The Tower of Doom! Cue the dodos from Ice Age: “Doom on you! Doom on you!”