We made it through the Tower of Doom with no problem and returned to Rapp’s village. While in the Tower we found out that Garlyle is experimenting with a creature named Gaia which had somehow previously turned a village to stone. I have a feeling we’ll see more of this plot-line but I wanted to talk about something else first.

One of the things I really like about Grandia are the dinner scenes.


There have been several of these throughout the game so far and, while they are quaint, they contribute to the character of the game. Many RPG’s are very dark and serious but Grandia always makes time for dinner. It’s odd to take time out of a long adventure to spend a brief couple of minutes talking over a meal and the first time it occurred in Grandia I didn’t know what to think. Now I really look forward to it. It’s just such an unusual thing and I suspect I won’t see it again in many other games.

After dinner we found the village was under attack by the Garlyle forces so we fought them off bravely but wound up meeting Leen again. This time we noticed she had changed.


Justin figured out that her wings meant she was an Icarian. I’m not quite sure what this means. Can Leen be an Icarian while her sister Feena is normal or is there more going on with Feena than meets the eye? Either way I think Leen is being set up as a potentially tragic character. She already seems halfhearted in her allegiance to Garlyle.

Leen disappeared and our brave heroes decided to head to Laine, home of Milda. Milda by the way looks old with her gray hair and her old lady name but apparently claims to be only 19 years-old. Okay ma’am. Whatever you say.