While crossing the Zil Desert we noticed something odd – a place called the Castle of Dreams and another place called the Soldier’s Graveyard. It appears these are optional dungeons. The game actually tells you that you are in a place that is not part of the story and are basically available for you because you love the combat. Well I do love the combat so I wandered into the Castle of Dreams.


It’s actually a pretty neat place. It appeared to be a haunted castle terrorized by a cursed sword or something. Anyway I wandered around and (again) found the combat to be easy, although there were a couple of creatures that were a bit more challenging than usual. We eventually made our way to the rooftop, then inside a tower and fought the Ghost in charge of the joint.


All in all I really liked the look of this place. My only complaint is it was very short and maybe took me 30-40 minutes to get through. I may decide to check out the Soldier’s Graveyard a bit later to see if it’s longer.

We left the desert and made our way to the town of Zil Padon… home to the famous Hotel Alqada!


Yep I was a bit nervous staying overnight there but people were generally very friendly. Though in retrospect they did seem to talk a lot about how much they loved back massages. I’m sure they’re great people but I didn’t relish the thought of a back massage in a place just one letter away from Osama-land.  I can’t imagine this game being made after 9/11 and still having a place called Hotel Alqada.  It made for a good chuckle.

We left Zil Padon and wandered around for awhile through the wilderness and eventually made our way to Milda’s hometown.


I keep thinking Milda is going to leave our party so I haven’t really been using her in combat. Not only is she a much higher level than the rest of our group but I secretly think she’s only been along for the ride to her village. If she leaves I won’t miss her much at all. Her after-combat exclamations are really grating.