Well we eventually found Milda’s husband Darlin.  I can’t quite put my finger on it but something looks odd about this guy.  It could be the fact that he wears an ugly orange frock. Or the fact that he’s a freakin’ cow. Ladies and gentlemen we’ve entered the land of the furries and the women who love them.


Apparently Darlin the cow is also one of the three wise men/cows of the village and he and his buddies give our party some helpful information about the Icarians, Angelou and Alent.  This was interesting but one of the wise men was driven mad because he lost his horn so we were sent on a mission to retrieve it for him. We found it though it was guarded by a Gaia Battler and his phallic friends.


He was pretty easy to take care of and we quickly made our way back to the village. Cow #3 let us know that we needed to backtrack to Zil Padon, home-a of-a the-a Mogay-a.  There’s apparently a shrine that they will let us into.  That makes sense because when we first went through Zil Padon I was surprised that there wasn’t more to do there.  It seemed like a large place for what amounted to a pit stop on the road.


Before we left I was not surprised when Milda informed everyone she was departing.   Not only was I not surprised but I didn’t care much.  She was one of the weakest characters in the game by far and I was glad to send her back to her bovine lover.


So now it’s Justin, Feena and Rapp heading off to Zil Padon to unlock a door to a shrine that leads to… something related to Alent and the Angelou. None of it is hanging together very well for me.