Okay this was fun! The Zil Ruins has been one of my favorite parts of the game so far. It had a very cool atmosphere and took a lot longer to get through than some of the earlier and shorter dungeons. Plus the music was great and the plot actually advanced!

We have Guido in our party now and he’s an interesting but not really impressive warrior type. I’m not optimistic about his sticking around so I really am not concentrating on building up his skills. Mostly I’m just giving him a weapon and letting him bash on things. Like this creature.


Looks fearsome but like every boss in the game so far the Ruin Guard went down pretty quickly. Basically I just save up my special attacks for the boss battles and then let loose. Once we got past him Justin found the Medal of Knowledge which was our ultimate goal for being in the Ruins. And on our way out of course we met the Garlyle Forces again. These guys don’t know when to quit.


Our old friend Mullen showed up and demanded Justin’s Spirit Stone. They prepared to fight for it but while they were whipping them out and measuring them, General Baal found a way to unleash the golems in the ruins. Suddenly we were faced with the prospect of a really cool and challenging battle.


Alas it was not meant to be. While we may get to fight one of these bad boys later in the game, for right now all our fearless band of adventurers could do was run like sissies. Justin, Guido and Rapp became separated from Feena just when she revealed herself as a true Icarian like her sister. Baal captured Feena and flew away with her in his ginormous airship The Grandeur.


The boys found a flying manta ray and caught up to The Grandeur with Feena held captive inside. I’m guessing a daring rescue is in order. Story developments like this give me the urge to keep playing to see what happens. It’s just too bad the game waited so long to shift things into high gear. But I am still intrigued by what could happen from here on out. And I really don’t have any idea how much longer I have to go before I’m done with Grandia.