Things have really picked up speed. To begin with, we rescued Feena from the clutches of the evil Baal. He’s apparently using her power as one of the Icarians to unleash a creature called Gaia. If I understand the story correctly, Gaia is the evil manifestation of the Spirit Stone and is somehow Baal’s key to ruling the world.


Anyway he was a candy-ass and we mopped the floor with him. His ship crashed around him and Justin and Feena got away by leaping off the ship and falling through the air. This was Feena’s moment to reveal her true nature and she saved both herself and Justin by sprouting her set of Icarian wings.


Immediately after, Rapp and Guido came by on their airborne manta-ray. All in all, it was a pretty cool moment in the game. But is Baal dead? No of course not. How did he survive the fall? Escape pod perhaps?

We eventually found the entrance to the city of Alent, home of the Angelou. It was a rainbow colored column of light that transported our party into space! But not before our friend Guido decided to leave us. No surprise there – I wasn’t really expecting him to hang around for long anyway.


He really wasn’t a lot of help but did seem to add some color to the game. Oddly Rapp appears to be hanging around. I wasn’t sure if he’d be a fair-weather friend but he apparently is in this for the long haul.

We traveled to Alent and immediately fought three boss battles, right after each other. No surprise to find out they went down pretty quickly and easily. Inside a shrine we found Liete who revealed more about the Angelou and the Icarians. Apparently the Icarians are the two twins and Liete hints that they will have to die. That’s the bad news. The good news is she decided to join our party!


Since she’s not a significantly higher level than the rest of us, and since we’re seemingly so close to the end of the game, I’m guessing she’s going to be with us from here on out.

I’m now over forty hours into Grandia.  It’s been a great game but I’m getting a bit restless and am looking forward to wrapping this up.  Hopefully I have less than five or so hours to go but that might be unrealistic.