So Baal is still around and up to no good. He plans to release Gaia into the world and assume some kind of leadership role in the process. Mullen has turned against him and is leading a mutiny to try to stop him. Justin & co. invade the J-Base and face off with Baal.


He revealed his true tentacled self and faced us in another boss battle. Once he was dispatched we were treated to a FMV of Gaia turning itself loose on the world. We saw giant tentacles attacking cities and generally creating a public disturbance. Leen arrived and helped us reach Mullen’s airship the Lyonlot.


We then went on a mission to save the town of Zil Padon. Once the bustling home to the Mogay as well as two other races, Zil Padon was being attacked by Gaia’s tentacles. When we arrived it looked like a ghost town.


We defended the town and helped the Mogay, though Guido was nowhere to be seen. Feena somehow used her power as an Icarian to drive Gaia away. I’m guessing this is foreshadowing of the end of the game. I still suspect Feena and Leen are going to bite the big one by the time the game is done.

I’m going to try to push through to the end of the game in the next week. I really don’t think there’s that much left to go unless I take on the optional dungeons. I really don’t see me doing that so let’s hope there’s not much left. Once I’m done I’m thinking I might write up a general review of the game before I move onto the next game.  Up to now the only Playstation RPG’s I’ve finished were the Final Fantasy games and Chrono Cross so I’m getting pretty excited.