Well I finished Grandia last night in a blurry post-Halloween frenzy. My final time at the last save point was 46 hours, 48 minutes and 50 seconds. It was a great game overall and I’ll write up my final thoughts on the game in my next post. For now I’m going to quickly walk through what happened up through the end of the game.

We began with a scene involving Leen and the newly awakened Gaia. She was operating a giant steam cannon that was designed to slow the expansion of Gaia. She was successful but in the process was eaten (!) by Gaia. I wasn’t surprised by this as I was fully expecting her and Feena both to bite the dust. Leen was a pretty nice character and I wish we could have seen more of her. I’d particularly like to know how she and Feena separated and took such different paths.

Anyway with Leen gone, Feena is the now only one who can stop Gaia. She seems to accept this as she goes off with Mullen with no resistance.


Justin is convinced that there is another way that doesn’t involve Feena’s death but it doesn’t matter as she’d already left. He falls into a pity-pot for awhile but then is surprised when some unexpected friends show up.


They really don’t explain how Sue manages to transport back and it doesn’t really matter. Justin gets off his duff and decides he must go and save Feena. What followed were some pretty standard dungeons with he and Rapp and Liete working their way closer to the heart of Gaia. Eventually they found their old nemesis Baal.


He doesn’t quite look like his old self but he has lost none of his bad attitude. He goes down pretty easily and the group made their way finally to the Big Bad himself – Evil Gaia. A fierce battle ensues and for once in the game I was starting to sweat it. You see the game had been so easy up to now that I really hadn’t needed any potions. In fact, I sold them pretty much every chance I got so when I reached the final boss the only potions I had were the ones I had just picked up. I did finally use a couple potions to restore my MP/SP and eventually even Evil Gaia was defeated.


And Rapp got to strike the final blow. With the evil force gone and our last battle behind I took a snapshot of everyone’s final stats.


This was with essentially no time spent griding or just trying to level up. I did do one of the three optional dungeons but it wasn’t very long. I actually never found the third optional dungeon. I have to say I like the fact that I can complete the game without spending hours endlessly levelling up but the trade-off is Grandia was a very easy game.

With Gaia defeated, Justin and Feena watched as it transformed into a giant tree which is a huge improvement over a giant tentacled evil energy force.


Now there was one silly thing that happened. Apparently Leen was somehow resurrected when Gaia was defeated.


I really wish they didn’t do that. I understand that this is basically a happy game but I liked the bittersweet feeling from knowing at least one of the good guys (or gals) died. Oh well. They lived happily ever after.

And that’s basically it for the game. I did sit through the credits as I always do with every game I finish.


After the credits they showed a brief scene of Sue, now 10 years older, running through the town of Parm. Back to the beginning except everything has changed. She is going to be visited by Justin and Sue and is surprised to find out they’ve been busy and now have several children.


And oddly enough all their children look like miniature Justins and Feenas. Very cool. In a nice decision we don’t actually get to see the older Justin and Feena but we can tell they’re together and happy. And that’s…