Now that Grandia is behind me it’s time to go back. Way back.

Lunar: The Silver Star was released for the Sega CD in December of 1993. It was a hit and spawned a well-received sequel which was also released for Sega CD. The game was later ported in Japan to the Sega Saturn in October of 1996 and then ported to the Sony PlayStation in the United States in June of 1999. Even though it was released for the PlayStation much later than some of the other games on my hit list, I’m going to play it next due to its original release date in 1993.

One thing I will say about Lunar is the manual is amazing!


You just don’t see enough hardcover game manuals these days! This little dude is 120 pages long, has a cloth bookmark and even includes the freaking strategy guide! I’m impressed.

I honestly don’t know much about Lunar other than it is well-received, supposedly has some nice anime-style FMV’s and features Sega Genesis-era graphics. I’m looking forward to playing it and writing about it in the weeks to come!