True story. I actually bought Lunar 2 a couple years ago. I found it in a pawn shop for $10 and figured “what the heck” and picked it up. I’d heard it was great but that’s all I knew about it. I took it home, popped it in my PS2 and watched the anime intro. It looked nice and had me intrigued about what the actual game would be like. Then the intro movie ended and the game started.

I really think I laughed out loud when I first saw the Genesis-era sprites and 2D backgrounds. You see I was pretty much a graphics whore at the time and I was insulted (insulted!) at the thought of playing a game that looked like that. I set it aside after about 10 minutes of gameplay and haven’t touched it since.

Now I’m playing Lunar 1 and I know what I’m getting into. I understand its background, its history and I’m okay with the graphics. It has a nice, simple look to it that reminds me of playing Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger. I’m getting used to the graphics pretty quickly.


So far we’ve met Alex, Luna and Ramus. We also have Nall the flying white cat-thingy. We ventured into a dungeon and had our first battles. I pushed my party too far, we got wiped and I saw my first “Game Over” screen. Nice to see a little challenge at the beginning.


We also met up with the White Dragon, finished his quest and he gave us a diamond. We apparently need to go sell it now. I like a game that starts out with the pursuit of cold, hard cash. We’ll see where it goes from here but my initial impressions are a lot more positive than they would be if I’d played this 3-4 years ago. Maybe I’ll even finish my long-neglected copy of Lunar 2 someday.