Let me tell you a tale that will strike fear into your heart. It’s a tale of woe and a tale of great sadness. It’s a tale of four noble adventurers trying to board a freaking boat. It’s the tale of the Saline Slimer.

Two or three hours into Lunar and our fearless party is ready to set sail for adventure. They have recovered the missing navigational map which was lost in a game of chance then traded to an old hag for a cane of all things. But all that is behind us now and we prepare to board the ship when the captain lets us know that before we can set sail we need to exterminate this thing that’s been plaguing the ship. Our fearless adventurers find themselves face to face with the Saline Slimer.


Oh yes Nall it’s a giant blue booger… of DEATH!

We begin the battle and unleash our most powerful attacks. We’re all level 12 now and combat so far hasn’t been too tough so this guy should go down pretty easy right? Well I forgot to mention that he heals himself for 99 points every single turn. Oh yeah and he can snot out mucus that immobilizes a party member also. The first time I fought him he snotted all over Luna and I couldn’t heal anybody. We got wiped pretty quickly. The second time he managed to use mucus on three of the four characters leaving poor useless Ramus to hit him for 16 points of damage while he healed 99 each turn. It doesn’t take long for everyone to exhaust their MP and then they are attacking with regular attacks instead of űber-attacks. The third time it was just Alex who was left to fight the good fight while encased in mucus.


I’m used to Grandia where bosses went down smooth and easy. Much as I like to regale you with tales of my noble feats… tonight I got my ass handed to me. I guess I’ll be levelling up for awhile and then I’ll try to defeat the dreaded Saline Slimer again. He’s one hell of a first major boss.