Well I finally defeated the Saline Slimer and it was a lot easier than I’d guessed. Here’s how I did it: I ended up grinding another level, figuring that I’d have to beat him at level 13. I also focused on buffing Alex with his Vigor spell and Luna’s Cascade Song spell. That way Alex could hit him each time for around 250 points of damage. He went down in about 5 turns, much to my chagrin.


What I realized from this is I have an aversion to buffing spells in RPG’s. I’m really not sure why either. In some ways it seems like a waste of valuable MP. I feel like I could just bash the enemy a bit more and not worry about buffing. Buffing seems just a bit… girly to me – maybe it’s because it rhymes with “fluffing”. I’m really not sure why I don’t like it but I rarely buff my characters in RPG’s. While it has generally served me well in the past it seems like it might be time to re-evaluate my buffing behavior. I’m going to try to reform my non-buffing ways.

The other odd thing about playing Lunar tonight was what happened once we boarded the boat and set sail. Alex woke to find Luna missing and went up on deck to see what she was doing. He found her in the crow’s nest singing to the moon.


I’ve never played an RPG before where one of the main characters broke into song Disney-style. I kept waiting for a chorus of deckhands to arrive and provide backing vocals. It was an odd experience but kinda nice in many ways. It just cements in my mind that this game is a whimsical, creative labor of love from the developers. Obviously they love these characters and this story.


As long as the main characters don’t break into a dance number I’ll be fine.