So I’ve made a little more progress. At this point I’m about 5 hours into Lunar and it honestly hasn’t grabbed me yet. Of course Grandia didn’t really grab me 5 hours into it either and that turned out pretty good. I’m glad I tend to be patient.

Our party tried to sell the dragon diamond to a shady jeweler and he ran off with it into the sewers. Well of course we followed him right into the dungeon and had lots of fighting to do. One thing I like about Lunar is there are no random encounters. You see the enemies and can either fight them or sometimes avoid them completely if you want to. Also once you defeat the monsters they don’t respawn until you leave the area completely. I cleared the sewer, confronted the jewel thief and then he inexplicably announced he had a pet water dragon which came to his defense.


Lunar provides no save point right before a boss encounter to warn you of what’s to come. It also provides no quick and easy way to restore your health and MP before a boss battle. And, as it turns out, we’d used quite a bit of MP fighting the sewer beasties. By the time we got to the water dragon we didn’t have much left and he slapped us down pretty hard.

It ended up taking 5 tries to defeat the water dragon. I think I’m only now realizing just how much hand-holding Grandia did. Lunar doesn’t seem to be a particularly difficult RPG but I did get sloppy by playing through Grandia. I shall not make the same mistake again. The next boss will be mine.

Once we were done with the dragon and the sewer Ramus decided he’d stay behind and manage the jewelry store. Not a big deal though as the mage Nash has joined up and now we’re off on a boat again.


I’ll have some time this weekend and I’d like to push through the early & fairly dull part of this game and see if I can get to the more engaging parts.