I put a couple more hours into Lunar this weekend and the plot is definitely getting more interesting. I won’t say I’m completely hooked yet but it’s certainly improving.

We made our way to the magical city of Vane. Vane floats in the air around a shrine to the Goddess operated by a weird lady named Phacia. There was a teleport pad that beamed us up to Vane Star Trek style. But apparently you cannot just enter Vane until you have passed a magic test. Nash ran off leaving it to Alex and Luna to pass the test which basically involved a dungeon with a boss. A boss? You mean one of those things that have wiped the floor with me every time I’ve fought one? Yep it was the Truffle Troubler.


Thing is, I’ve learned from my past mistakes and so, with only two party members, I took him out the first time! There is hope for me yet…

We were then taken into the city of Vane and finally met Ghaleon, one of the original four heroes who did some amazing but vague thing in the past. One thing that is clear about Ghaleon is his hat. You don’t mess with a dude who wears a hat like this:


He gave us the task of travelling to the city of Lann to investigate a false Dragonmaster who has set up shop there. While in Lann we met Jessica who was on leave from the Goddess shrine and joined our group for awhile. Jessica is basically a white magic user so she and Luna provided healing duties while Alex and Nash pounded the enemies. We met the false Dragonmaster who apparently hit his head and thought a large toad was his dragon. We had to smack him and his silly toad down. This was the second boss battle in a row that we beat on the first try.

On our way back Jessica decided to leave but not before she disclosed that she didn’t know who Phacia at the Goddess shrine was, even though Jessica supposedly trained there. Something’s fishy about that situation.

Once back at Vane we were greeted by an audience presided by Lemia, the leader of Vane and the founder of the Magic Guild. Apparently she’s been in a mood lately and has been behaving weirdly and throwing people in jail for minor offenses. When we returned she decided we were traitors and sent us off to jail as well.


It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here. Lunar remains moderately challenging which is nice. The FMV’s are a nice break from the 2D sprites and bitmaps but so far I don’t think they’ll replace Cowboy Bebop in the animation category. There are a lot of characters in the game and that takes a bit of work to keep track of. And there are a couple of mysteries and plot twists that are slowly unraveling.