So we escaped from prison and certain death and made our way through the Crystal Tower, trying to figure out what was going on with Lemia. It didn’t take long before we came upon a secret meeting involving Ghaleon, Lemia, Phacia and a fortune teller named Royce. We interrupted their meeting and discovered that they are attempting to somehow facilitate an invasion by something called the Vile Tribe with a person known as the Magic Emperor spearheading these shenanigans. Apparently the Vile Tribe has been banished somewhere but wants to return and rule over the world.


Apparently the person we thought was Lemia was really someone named Xenobia, the leader of the Vile Tribe. She, Royce and Phacia postured and threatened and ultimately vanished leaving behind an evil beastie for us to defeat. Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of these three.


Once we recovered and regrouped, Ghaleon decided he needed to speak with Quark the White Dragon whom we met in the beginning of the game. We proceeded to sail back to our home continent and then made the trek into the White Dragon’s cave. Of course we had to fight off some monsters but Ghaleon being level 99 made things even easier for us.

Once we met Quark he revealed that Luna is a truly special person (“The One”) and with that, Ghaleon transformed himself into his true identity: the Magic Emperor!


He then used his magic to enslave Quark, kidnap Luna and vanish while cackling madly at poor Alex.


Now none of this came as a real surprise to me. All story-heavy RPG’s seem to have an early plot twist that is supposed to sink the hook in deeper and Lunar certainly followed the pattern. To be honest the game was sending plenty of smoke signals that something was coming and I am glad it has finally happened. Now we have a stronger motivation for Alex’s journey in his quest to rescue Luna and stop the plans of the evil Ghaleon. And now I have a slightly stronger motivation to keep playing.