I’m really hating this game right now.

When I last wrote I’d just uncovered a nice chunk of juicy plot. Schemes were unveiled. Bad things were occurring. Things were happening. It was an exciting moment but it was all too brief.

Since then the group has fought monsters in Meribia, watched as Jessica’s father Mel was turned to stone, fought a boss called the Vile Crustacean (and beat him on the second try thank you very much), found a cross-dressing Kyle and now we’re in the Meryod Woods fighting monster after monster.

And I’m completely bored with this game.

My characters are level 20 which sounds impressive but so far hasn’t made much of a difference. Nash, one of my primary magic-users, hasn’t learned any new spells for awhile and his one powerful group attack spells seems to only do about 15-20 damage each to the monsters I’m fighting now. We’re fighting Killer Wasps which seem to hit a person for about 75 points of damage at a time but my characters only have about 80-85 hit points so it’s often insta-death when they attack.

I could heal them right? Sounds good except my healer Jessica seems to only be able to heal one person for about 40-50 health or heal every character for the same amount but at triple the mana cost. Not only can I not do that for very long or I will run out of mana but even when I do that the next hit by a Killer Wasp takes that character out because I wasn’t able to heal them enough to keep up with the damage they’re doing.

How about special attacks? Sure those work well. Alex has a Flash Cut attack that does about 180 damage to each enemy but it uses 18 MP every time so I can’t do that too much either or I’ll run out of MP and really get my ass kicked.

I could try to run through the area since I’ve figured out the critical path through trial-and-error. The only problem with that is if this area is a sign of things to come. Maybe the game just gets harder from here on out and I’m not levelled enough. If that’s the case then I’m going to quickly fall behind.

Now it’s not only the problems with this one area that are bothering me. I wouldn’t mind the combat if it wasn’t so boring. Right now it’s just attack, spell, heal, special attack, heal, etc. There’s not a lot of strategy or thought to it. Just brute force levelling to make myself more powerful than the enemy.

Character development? Nada. I have no choice about how my characters progress in the game. I can’t choose what spells people could learn. I can’t choose what weapon to specialize in. The characters are on a rail and my job is to push them forward bit by bit.

The saving grace would be the story. I can put up with drab gameplay if the plot is interesting. I’m sure Lunar has a great story. I’ve heard people refer to the story as one of the best and all the reviews I’ve glanced at seem to back this up. I’m just bored out of my skull trying to get further into this game. I’ll stick with it but it doesn’t make me feel optimistic about Lunar 2.