Okay I’m back on track now and am putting several hours into Lunar this weekend. I’ve gotten past the frustrating parts and I’ve achieved a Zen-like acceptance of the game with its strong and weak points. We move on…

We made our way through the Meryod Woods with all of it’s frustrating enemies. I levelled up our group and on our way out we ran into the statue of Mel, Mia’s father. He was beckoning to her… asking her to join him. He also turned everyone in the group to stone (@#!@$#$) except for Mia. Just as she was about to join her father in a petrified state Kyle managed to break out of his stone casing and come to her rescue.


That led to a boss battle between Kyle and Plaster Mel who was actually a creation of Xenobia, the leader of the Vile Tribe. Kyle took him out with relative ease.

We ended up travelling to a place called Damon’s Spire as our Dragon Wing was stolen and the only way to get it back from the Thieves Guild was to find their book called the Thieves Guide located inside the Spire. To paraphrase Basil from Austin Powers: “Best not to think too much about it.”

Now inside the Spire I ran head on into one of the dicey things about Lunar: the translation. I’m going to give you a couple examples I found within about 20 minutes of playing.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


Ouch huh? Working Designs has been criticized for their translations being “too trendy” or juvenile and while I’m happy with the job they’ve done for the most part, there are some moments that make me groan and roll my eyes. For some reason the translation in Grandia didn’t bother me other than an occasional misstep but Working Designs wasn’t responsible for its localization.

Anyway back to Lunar and the all-important question:


Some mysterious plot is at work here but I’m not sure what it is. Now that I’m back on track and all mellow and stuff I’ll dive into Lunar a lot more this weekend and see what develops.