So now our group were off to find the Red Dragon. Apparently this is some ritual that will allow Alex to become the next dragonmaster or something. He will then take the place of Dyne, the last dragonmaster. Which brings me to a suspicion I have: that Dyne is still around in some form, maybe as the ultimate bad guy. I dunno. Something just doesn’t sit right about Dyne. Remember my prediction when I get to the end of the game and rub your face in a great big pool of “I told you so!”

So we made our way through the Red Dragon Cave fighting monsters as we went. Eventually we came upon the villainess Royce who decided to sic her guardian dogs on us.


The thing about these guys is they were both quite tough so defeating one of them was both the priority and the chore here. I ended up knocking one out after about the fourth or fifth attempt and then the other went down really easy. On the whole I’m still finding the boss fights pretty brutal but they’re growing on me. Usually I can do it but I have to really strategize and rely on a fair bit of luck to make it work.

So once we were past Royce’s dogs we found the Red Dragon. Except it wasn’t really him you see – just his spirit.


Ah. Another nefarious plot by the Evil Magic Emperor. Curses! Alex did get his Dragon Shield from the spirit of the Red Dragon and then it was off to find the next dragon.


I think I’m going to grind a bit and level my characters up in this new area. We’re currently all at level 25 and Nash has finally acquired a better attack spell but Jessica still can’t heal enough to keep up with the damage the really tough enemies are doing. Hopefully she’ll learn something better soon.