Another dragon met and left – this time it’s the Blue Dragon (no relation to the cool upcoming 360 game I’m sure). But before we get to the Blue Dragon we need to talk a little bit about The Evil Plan.


So why is Ghaleon kidnapping singers? That of course is the big mystery in the game so far (other than what the neck is Nall? A cat? A bird?). There have been hints that Luna is more than just a girl and may in fact be a god of some sort. Maybe Althena? How does having Luna sing and eventually “awaken” help the Vile Tribe out in the Frontier? It’s not The Count of Monte Cristo but it is keeping my interest so far.

We worked our way through the Blue Dragon Shrine which one FAQ I looked at called a “pain in the butt dungeon.” I didn’t find it too hard but I did consult the FAQ from time to time as it was a bit easy to get lost. The battles remain above-average in difficulty but manageable. I’m not loving the combat system but the fact that where your characters are on the battlefield makes a slight tactical difference is nice. It’s still pretty damn boring though: attack, spell, heal, attack, spell, heal…


At the end of the Blue Dragon Shrine we of course found the Blue Dragon. And of course he gets captured by Xenobia and Ghaleon but manages to give Alex the Dragon Helmet first. Okay this whole “find the next dragon and discover he’s captured but he still gives Alex the necessary equipment to become a Dragonmaster” dynamic is getting a bit stale. I’m not even sure how many dragons are left to find.

We ended up heading into the town of Tamur as we are now off to the Frontier. But first we need an airship. Alex and Laike travel through a tower to find the airship builder Myght who gets The Coolest Name I’ve Heard In Awhile award.


As we’re getting ready to leave the town we come upon an old-time hanging taking place. Alex, political scholar that he is, can’t abide by the death penalty and takes it upon himself to rescue the criminal. This angers his executioner who is a guy named Tempest and has a blue-haired girlfriend named Fresca. Yes I’m serious.


Tempest challenges Alex to a duel and Alex kicks his ass all over the place. For a boss battle this was the easiest one yet.

All that done and we are off to find the Black Dragon who is apparently out in the Frontier somewhere. Of course so is the Vile Tribe and, presumably, Ghaleon and the singers he’s been kidnapping. Should be interesting.