One dragon to go and this time it’s the Black Dragon. I’m now over 16 hours into Lunar.

We found the Black Dragon’s cave and it turns out it’s near the village of Pao, home of Tempest and Fresca whom we met last time. Apparently there’s an evil songstress who is making the female villagers ill including our fair companions Mia and Jessica. Tempest has gone into the cave to defeat this being and save his Fresca from losing… no I won’t do it. I won’t make a soda pop joke. Sorry. Move along.

Anyway once into the cave we have to make our way through several floors with no one to heal us since Jessica had to stay behind. Eventually we found Tempest and he joined us and then we met up with the Black Dragon himself.


Never mind that he looks green okay?

He lets us know that he is being controlled by the evil songstress and that we have to kill him. No problem.

Okay so maybe there was a problem because it turns out that the evil songstress is none other than Luna herself. Yeouch. And of course she is being controlled by Ghaleon. At least we know a little more about what his plan is – he wants to control all the girl singers and harness their power and… who knows? Maybe recreate the Spice Girls?


We are not able to dispose of the Black Dragon before he is completely controlled by Luna/Ghaleon and they turn him loose on us in what looks at first to be a humiliating defeat: we are all paralyzed while the Black Dragon kicks our collective ass.


This goes on for a bit and then stops when Alex plays his instrument and breaks the spell on Luna for a moment. He then transforms into the Dragonmaster and a boss battle ensues between our group and the Black Dragon.


This is of course a tough battle and it takes me a couple tries to get past it. The sucking part about this one is I had no one with healing spells and I was woefully unprepared with healing items. After I died a time or two I ended up giving Nash a bunch of healing nuts and let him concentrate on keeping everyone alive. That strategy worked well and the Black Dragon went down pretty easy. Ghaleon and Luna disappeared leaving a cryptic message behind for the group.


The Grindery? Oh good. At least it’s a happy-sounding place.

I’m thinking I’ve got to be close to the end of Disc 1. It seems like things are developing pretty quickly so let’s hope this momentum continues.