So Alex is now the Dragonmaster and our group is heading off to the Frontier on Myght’s airship. Prior to departure there were a couple of conversations that were interesting: Kyle almost professed his love for Jessica and Nash began to express some serious doubts about the gang’s ability to take on Ghaleon.


Scary thought but our heroes aren’t intimidated. Once we get to the loading platform Nash reveals he cannot go with them as he has been keeping A Deep, Dark Secret.


Ah the little traitor! Now a furtive conversation he had earlier with Royce makes more sense. Nash tries to disable the airship and then is spirited away (presumably to Ghaleon). I suspect we’ll see him again. I hope we don’t have to kill him. He always seemed like a nice guy, even if he wasn’t the most useful character.

Everyone takes off, leaving Laike and Myght behind. Myght comments on the resemblence between Alex and Laike and then Laike decides to make A Mysterious Pronouncement.


Weird. So is Laike Alex’s… dad? Or is he the former Dragonmaster Dyne who mysteriously disappeared?

No clue at this point.

Our group flys the airship off to the Frontier. It looks oddly familiar.


I’m not sure what’s going on with the Frontier. Judging by the craters it looks like it could be the moon’s surface. Another odd thing is the words Luna/Lunar could come from the Latin luna which also refers to the moon. Very strange and I’m guessing not coincidental.

And with that we’re at the end of Disc 1.