So in the Frontier we found a small mining town called Talon. Its inhabitants were driven to the Frontier against their will and forced to work in the mines so they don’t really have a lot of love for Alex & co. As we worked our way through the town we eventually had to fight past some guards and then we came to a miner who was trapped in a rock slide. We helped him, bringing the wrath of more guards on us.

At the end of the mines we ran into our old friend Xenobia. Always a pleasure to meet her.


She turned loose a boss called the Shadow Spectre. Like all recent bosses he went down pretty quickly with no major losses on our side. I remember the beginning of the game when bosses stopped me cold for an hour or two and had me threatening to quit the game completely.

After leaving the mines we were inside the huge crater and could make our way to the castle in the center.


It was locked of course and with no way to get inside we decided to stop off at what looked like a giant green egg. Inside we met the miner we saved earlier but he transformed into his true form: Phacia! Apparently the “accident” earlier was a test for us and we passed. She reveals a bit about her plans and turns out to be not so horrible after all.


She gives us the password to enter the castle and we made our way past dozens of enemies to reach the control room. Once there we were greeted by the mad inventor Taben and his Mobile Magic Masher piloted by none other than Nash! Except Kyle rightly points out that Nash looks like a giant chicken in this ridiculous contraption.


Nash realizes the error of his ways after a heartfelt talk with Mia. He then turns his back on Taben and Ghaleon and decides to ask for forgiveness and rejoin our party. Taben then turns the Triple M against us and we had yet another surprisingly easy boss battle. Success on the first try once again.

Taben reappears with Ghaleon and they cackle that we were too late and that the castle is really Taben’s grand invention called The Grindery.


Apparently it is now operational and our group watches in horror as it leaves the group behind and makes its way toward the city of Vane. This does not look good.