Major events are happening quickly now. This is the part of a RPG I really like – the endgame.

Our group made it back to Vane in time to see the Grindery slowly making its way ever closer to The Tower of Althena.


Inside Vane, Mia let our group know that there was a power in the city of Vane that could protect Althena’s Tower. They opened the sealed doors to the Silver Spire and Mia led the group in some sort of ritual to unleash the city’s defenses.


What happened next was one of the longer FMV’s in Lunar. The city’s self-defense was able to eliminate the Grindery’s shield and stop it in its tracks but not without a cost.


So the Grindery was stopped, which lets our party enter inside and defeat the Magic Emperor Ghaleon but the price was the city of Vane.

Things should stay interesting from here on out.