With the Grindery now open for business we made it inside and proceeded to fight our way through four floors of monster after monster. Fortunately I’ve been improving my party so now Alex has four attacks per round, Jessica casts spells at half the magic point cost (basically doubling her spell reserves), and Nash has a bow that puts enemies to sleep and he hits all enemies at once. With that and a boatload of Healing Nuts and Star Lights we weren’t too scratched up by the Grindery.

We eventually stumbled upon our old friend the White Dragon. Unfortunately he wasn’t looking too good.


What a dastardly plan! Evil must be vanquished and so on and so forth.

So we moved further in and eventualy found Phacia who helped us get through a locked door and hold off her two evil sisters. Once through the locked door we reached our nemesis Ghaleon the Magic Emperor.


This of course led to a boss battle which actually wasn’t all that difficult. He went down with a little perseverance and lotsa healing. After his defeat everyone rejoiced and the game moved into “ending mode” with the music and the cheers of victory and all but it was pretty obvious that things weren’t really over.

To begin with there was the issue of Luna. Alex found her but she had a strange look in her eyes and basically told him that there was nothing left of the Luna he once knew. Then she underwent a transformation into Ultra-Sexy Evil Luna. Yikes!


Ghaleon then returned, informing us that what we defeated was merely an illusion (great!) and that he was just as powerful as ever. Then he dropped the bombshell that had been hinted at throughout the game:


Though why Althena has been masquerading as a 15 year-old girl is still a mystery as is why she now appears to be under Ghaleon’s control. And to prove how powerful he is, Ghaleon then wiped us out with an attack that did over 700 points of damage to each party member.

Nall somehow helped us escape and we woke up in Meribia, chastened and wounded.