So after getting spanked by Ghaleon and waking up in Meribia our group refocuses on the task at hand. Along the way they meet up with Laike again and he takes them back to the place where they began and in the process reveals his secret.


Yeah kinda figured that out already. Anyway Alex successfully pulls the Dragonmaster’s Sword out of the stone and he officially takes his place as Dyne’s successor. There was never any doubt that this would happen but it’s still nice to see things come full-circle.

And then Laike and Nall reveal Nall’s secret: that he really is a dragon. They never quite explain why he appears as a flying cat most of the time but once he transforms into his dragon self he is fully capable of transporting our group to Ghaleon’s lair.


Once at the Fortress of the Big Bad our group again fights their way through floor after floor of monsters. Why exactly do bad guys have hordes of wandering monsters on the lower floors of their towers? Just a passing thought. Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain…

While in Ghaleon’s Fortress we of course encounter his two female companions (Phacia having come to her senses and disappeared). First up is Royce.


Okay. Nice knowing ya. Royce went down really quickly. We then moved on to Xenobia. She was a lot more challenging as she had the ability to use a Sonic Boom attack which caused two characters to turn to stone. She used that a lot. I had to reload once – I admit it. But we did end up defeating her.


Two boss battles down and one to go. It’s time to face the Big Bad himself.

Now by this point in the game I had about 20 Healing Nuts and 8 or so Silver Lights which completely restore MP. I loaded everyone up with these and opened the door to find Ghaleon.


He doesn’t look like an evil, megalomaniacal bastard does he?

So the final battle and it was tough. Though oddly enough not as tough as the Saline Slimer at the beginning of the game. I kept healing with Jessica and Mia, Kyle and Alex buffed at first then hit with their standard boss battle attacks and Nash… Well Nash died. But Nash usually does during boss battles so nothing new here. Eventually Ghaleon was vanquished once and for all.


And there you go. Big Bad defeated, the world is saved and all that’s left is for Alex to get the girl.