Evil Ghaleon is defeated and the world is safe. Unfortunately Alex and Luna/Althena have a bit of a problem between them.


She makes these pronouncements from atop what appears to be a staircase of light while Alex and the other mere mortals wait below, scratching their heads. Alex decided to climb the stairs and try to reach Luna. Then something weird happened. As Alex came closer Luna would shoot a bolt of lightning at him then try to scare him off. I kept moving Alex closer and then one of those times he died. As in dead. End of game.

What the hell? Good thing I saved my game after fighting Ghaleon or I’d be ready to smash a controller.

The second time I had Alex climb the stair and I did the exact same thing and made it to the top just fine. I still have no idea what the heck happened to cause a “Game Over” screen. Anyway Alex reached the top, finally made contact with Luna and good things happened.


Alex then brought Luna down from the tower and rejoined Kyle, Jessica, Nash and Mia.


They tooled around in Meribia for a bit, basically seeing everyone off to their brighter futures. Mia and Nash will head the Mages Guild and will rebuild Vane. Kyle and Jessica are going to get married and Jessica’s dad Mel is no longer turned to stone.

And Alex and Luna?


We see them holding hands and staring off into the distance. They look happy together. All is right with the world.


I’ll have my final Lunar review up after Christmas and then on to another game!