I’ve really hit a brick wall with gaming in the last week. Between watching Season One of The Sopranos and reading my newly acquired Ultimate X-Men comics on DVD-ROM, I’ve been pretty busy and just haven’t felt like messing around with Arc and friends.

But I did put some more time into it today. It’s difficult to know how to write about a strategy RPG. Do I spend time talking about how the group met up with Chongara the merchant and he agreed to help them find the Light Guardian because he was once saved by Arc’s father?


I could talk about how we made it through a battle with lots of flying bats and an exploding Stone Golem thing and did actually find the Light Guardian.


I’m thinking none of that is too interesting to either write about or to read. Especially as the story doesn’t seem to be Arc the Lad’s strong point.

I could talk about character development but there really isn’t any outside of what item to equip or pushing my characters through level after level and watching them acquire abilities.

I still need to think about how I want to approach strategy RPG’s. For a regular RPG, battles are a near-constant thing so specific battles tend not to be too important unless a boss is involved. For a game like Arc there are only a limited number of battles so they really become the centerpiece of the game. I’m just not sure I want to spend my time on a blow-by-blow of each battle.

Maybe I should play games like Arc the Lad, Vandal Hearts, Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics on my PSP now that the hackers have figured out how to enable that? I could give a running update as things progress but I might not have as much to say and I’m not sure I could take screenshots.

I’ll have to give this some more thought.