I’ve put a couple of hours into Suikoden so far and I think I really like it. One thing that’s interesting is I figured out how to play it on my PSP (which means no screenshots) so I can take it anywhere and play it and when I need to stop I can put it into suspend mode and pick right up where i left off. I can neither confirm nor deny that I have played Suikoden while in the bathroom.

Moreso than Lunar and Arc the Lad, Suikoden seems like it was designed specifically for the Playstation. It’s noticeable in the little things – the graphics in particular feature larger sprites, nifty battle effects and the battle screen itself zooms in and out to show things like critical hits. Overall it’s pleasant to look at, especially for a 2D game. I really like the soundtrack also. Some of the music is very good.

I’m not clear on the story yet. I think it’s a basic formerly good empire turned evil and now the brave warriors must rebel against the Imperial might. In other words Star Wars. There’s a bunch of characters: Pahn, Teo, Gremio, Cleo and mostly they are unremarkable. I’m hoping there’s a central core of characters that they stick with through the story.

More to come as I get some quality bathroom play time in.