I’ve played more of Suikoden and my impression keeps improving. There are a lot of things I like about this game and my earlier fears that the characters would all blend together doesn’t appear warranted. I’ve grown fond of Bob’s (that’s what I named him in a fit of creativity) faithful assistants Cleo and Gremio. I was saddened at Pahn’s betrayal. And I mourned at Odessa’s untimely death.
As you can see I’ve figured out how to take screenshots while playing a Playstation 1 game on my Playstation Portable! They’ll be a bit small but it’s still awesome stuff. I’ve turned my PSP into Frankenstein’s Monster but it plays PS1 games just fine and I’m actually playing games more often now that I can take them with me. Fortunately my job allows for several breaks during the day in between bouts of frenzy and breathlessness.

Finally, I was able to obtain a copy of Suikoden’s manual from the always-helpful replacementdocs website. They don’t condone piracy but they are a useful resource when you rent a game that comes without a manual or (in my case) buy a used game that is “disc-only.” I look forward to reading the manual over the next day or two so I can see what I’m doing wrong!