We have progressed a bit further now. I think I’m at a pretty cool part of the game where I get to make like Dr. Evil and build my own fortress of doom. But first we had to clean out the prior resident – the Zombie Dragon.


Yes he lived in an old castle’s dungeon and we went through corridor after corridor searching for him. Once we found him battle ensued. But the ensuing didn’t last very long as he promptly kicked our butts.


The thing that was difficult about him was this breath attack he had. It would hit everyone in my party for 40-60 points of damage. My only healer was Cleo and she could only use her ability four or five times and everyone else had to use medicines. The first time I didn’t last long as you can tell.

The second time we fared better. I realized healing was going to be paramount so I basically designated the back row as healers and the front row as attackers. This ultimately worked.


With the dragon gone we now had free reign of the castle. We named it Castle Tora and then I revelled in the glory of having my own home base. That’s a cool feature that I wish more RPG’s had. And I’m guessing as I recruit characters (the 108 stars) they’ll be available for… something. I’m not sure what they’ll do once they’re in my castle.

Now that we have a headquarters I’m pretty much hooked.