Quite a bit more progress in Suikoden. I’m now a little over nine hours into the game and it continues to be a blast to play. If it stays this strong throughout I’m going to be really anxious to start on Suikoden II.

Plot-wise there’s been a lot happening. My headquarters has been expanding nicely as I’ve added characters to my entourage. I now have a vault where I can store excess stuff which is a really big bonus. One of my little irritations with the game has been managing inventory so it’s nice to have a place to drop off my Monty Haul.

My main character was also the victim of an assassination attempt which was unexpected and fun. I guess it’s one of the downsides to heading up a rebel army.


We’ve also begun to run into some other species. We’ve found kobolds, elves and dwarves. One elf, Kirkis, has joined our party as his village is being threatened by the Evil Empire. Apparently they are developing a master weapon which can destroy forests and when you are an elf that is a Bad Thing.

The elves realized that the only way they were going to make it was if they asked for help from the dwarves. But of course elves and dwarves don’t get along so my party was sent as the emissary. We did find the dwarves and passed their king’s test and he agreed to do something but on our way back to the Elf Village we spotted smoke and flames from the horizon. Once we got there, Kirkis had a very bad day.


We then made our way back toward our headquarters only to be thrown into something very weird and cool. Apparently Suikoden features large-scale army battles! I didn’t realize this of course and was totally unprepared for The Battle of Pannu Yakuta Castle.


Our armies lined up on each side of the battlefield and I was given several options to choose from. Some involved magic, some bows, some let me use the specialists I’d recruited previously in the game.


Not having a clue about what I was doing I decided to buff my charge ability which took out a lot of the enemy’s troops. I then decided to use magic which was totally worthless and my forces were cut down like grass. I ended up with a humiliating defeat.


Oh well. Not an auspicious start for the commander of the Liberation Army but I’ll read up on the big battle controls a bit more and give it another try.