I am not a completionist. I am aware of this fact and I mostly accept it. Occasionally I forget it for a bit but then I’m painfully reminded that I’m just not that way.

Case in point: Suikoden and the 108 Stars of Destiny. These are 108 characters that are scattered around the game that you can recruit for your army. I admit it’s kind of fun to walk into a shop and have the shopkeeper offer to join the Liberation Army. At those times I’m more than happy to recruit new characters.

But then I find people who say things like “you need to be stronger first and then I’ll join” or “find my cat” or “bring me something I can’t appraise and I’ll join up.” This past week I’ve been trying to fulfil some of these requests and I’m tired of it. I don’t care if I get to the end of the game without having recruited everyone. The mechanic is only mildly compelling to me, appears to add little to the story and takes up too much gameplay time with “filler” material.

Maybe, as a result, I will only get the “okay” ending and not the “best” ending. That’s fine. You’re going to have to find your own damn cat. I have an army to manage and an evil empire to overthrow.