So after I wrote about how I wasn’t a completionist I realized my armor was woefully outdated and my weapons were in dire need of sharpening. That, of course, meant I needed more money which meant I spent some time grinding random battles and stocking up on gold. I got in a bit of a loop and didn’t want to stop until I’d fully upgraded everything. But I’m not a completionist. Just so we’re clear.

Lots more plot developments and some pretty pictures to go along with them. We tried to get into Scarleticia Castle to find someone. I’m really not clear who or why but the Castle was surrounded by a poisonous gas. The one responsible for the gas is this guy.


Obviously the Flower General is comfortable in his masculinity. Good for him. He’d captured a man we needed to rescue so we had to break into a local prison. While in there he sprung his trap and filled a room with poisonous gas. All the heroes escaped with the exception of Gremio, the main hero’s lifelong guardian.


That was a sad moment but honestly Gremio was one of dozens of characters the game throws at you so his death, while sad, hardly grabbed me at all. It is a good thing that his belongings were returned to the vault or I would have been really sad.

We eventually found a way to counteract the poisonous gasses around Scarleticia Castle and made our way inside. This is definitely one of the nicer looking places in the game so far.


Well the evil Milich Oppenheimer realized the error of his ways and decided to ask forgiveness and to join our entourage. I felt forgiving so I let him join up. Maybe he will send toxic gasses onto the battlefield.

Lastly we were confronted by the Imperial Army, this time under the leadership of Teo McDohl, the hero’s father.  This was one of those battles where you cannot win at all.


I hate those in RPG’s.  I know they are sometimes needed to advance the story and that’s fine but make them a cutscene.  It just feels cheap when you make it into a battle and then take away any chance of winning.  Pet peeve.  I’ll move along.

The main character Bob didn’t like the thought of facing his father in a duel, especially after getting soundly spanked on the battlefield.  Pahn decided to face Teo while the rest escaped.  I wasn’t very helpful though and Pahn died due to some miscalculations I made.  I think I can defeat Teo with Pahn so I’m going to try this again.  He’s been one of my main 6 characters and I’d hate to lose him now and level up someone to replace him.  Especially now that Gremio (another one of my steady 6) has bitten the dust.

I don’t know how long this game is but I’m having a lot of fun so I’m not ready for it to end anytime soon.  I can’t imagine Bob will have to kill his dad so I’m guessing there’s going to be a Very Special Moment at some point in the future.