I’m still playing Suikoden. In fact I’m about 16 or 17 hours into it and I’m still enjoying it. It is, by all standards, a slightly above-average game.

That’s typically a good thing. I genuinely like the combat in Suikoden. It’s snappy and looks nice and never seems too difficult. I like the characters. There are a lot of them and sometimes I forget who’s who and confuse Kirkis with Varkas but overall there are a lot of them and that add an interesting twist on the usual bit where you choose 3 party members from a group of 6 or so.

I’ll keep playing Suikoden. It holds my interest in ways that Arc the Lad didn’t. The story isn’t Faulkner but it’s serviceable. It looks nice and it plays nice and the music’s nice. It’s a nice game.

Which means I don’t have a whole lot to write about. I could give a blow-by-blow of the plot but truthfully most of it’s forgettable. Right now I’m invading a vampire named Necrolord’s castle to save a fair maiden before he turns her into a vampire bride. We tried to defeat him once before but couldn’t – we needed a magic sword which we now possess. Okay, fine.

If it were a somewhat confusing plot I’d have more to say or if there were shadowy mysteries hinted at then I could speculate on them. Or if the story was genuinely bad then I could at least make fun of it.

For what it’s worth I think the game isn’t too long so I’m nearing the end. I’ll keep updating as I go along but I might not have a whole lot to say. If things get real bad I’ll post pictures of my dog.