Two days in a row I’ve woken up at 5:30 a.m. and gone walking/running. This is pretty damn remarkable for me. It’s dark and cold and very quiet and kinda nice.

I’m following the guide at this site and generally find it helpful. I’m worried the internet will collapse though and that site will be lost so I’m going to quote the schedule here for future benefit.

Warm up by walking briskly for 2 minutes, maybe 3. Then, start this:

  • 1R , 4W x 6 times. Week 1
  • 1R , 3W x 7 times. Week 2
  • 2R, 3W x 6 times. Week 3
  • 2R, 2W x 7 times. Week 4
  • 3R, 3W x 5 times. Week 5
  • 3R, 2W x 6 times. Week 6
  • 3R, 1W x 7 times. Week 7
  • 4R, 2W x 5 times. Week 8
  • 4R, 1W x 6 times. Week 9
  • FULL Running for 30 minutes.

So there it is. I’m obviously on week one right now but it feels good to be doing something.