And I’m done with Suikoden! My total play time was 22 hours and 12 minutes.

As I mentioned previously, I found this a difficult game to write about while I played. All the reasons I mentioned before still apply and one other came to mind: playing it on my PSP may have had something to do with it. I was able to play it in bits and pieces here and there instead of just sitting down at my computer or TV so maybe that led me to be more scattered in my thoughts about the game. I’m not convinced but it’s a possibility.

At any rate, Suikoden is done and had a nice ending. I’ll treat you with some of the scenes from the end and then I’ll hope to have my review up early next week.


I have to say that by the time I fought the last army battle I was kicking butt left and right. Even though I was outnumbered by the Imperials I still wiped them clean with my Dragon Riders and my spies who were able to feed me information on the enemy’s strategy.

Once through the final army battle I entered Gregminster Castle in search of the evil emperor Barbarosa.


I have to say that, as far as final bosses go, he was pretty anticlimactic. For starters, he was pretty much invisible and forgotten throughout the entire game. Each of his generals were more memorable than him.  Okay we get it, he’s evil, blah blah blah. He had no personality whatsoever and left me pining for the days of Kefka. Plus he turned into a giant, three-headed Golden Hydra!


Why did he turn into a giant, three-headed Golden Hydra? For no good reason that I could discern other than this was the final boss battle of the game and it had to be something BIG!

We defeated him on the first try. I just focused on one head at a time and he went down while I still had lots of Mega Medicines left and hadn’t really used my healing spells much at all. Here are my final stats from after the last boss battle.


Oddly enough, the final boss battle wasn’t the actual final battle. After we killed the Emperor, we had to escape the castle and on our way out we got hit with one last random battle against a lone Colossus. I felt kinda sorry for him. He seemed so small compared to the ginormous beast we’d just slain.

Everyone escaped and the world was saved. And that was…


I really enjoyed Suikoden but it’s not without its faults. I’ll talk more about its strong and weak points in my review early next week. Plus I’m also trying to decide if I want to finish Arc the Lad or possibly start on a new game like Persona or Wild Arms next. I need to play something that’s not set in a bog-standard fantasy setting right now as I’m feeling kinda burnt on the whole swords and sorcery thing.